Transitions Shop:

For many years, I dreamed about opening a shop, yet because of other commitments and our travel schedule, a standard retail store was out of the question. I tried the antique mall route for four years, and the rent versus income just didn’t add up. Over five years ago, I had an epiphany — what if I rented a space and opened it only a few days a month and operated it like an estate sale? Wow, what an idea! We now have a 4 day sale here every other week with 60-80% new items each time.
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Other Services:

We can expedite the move for you or your loved one into their new home, apartment, or senior housing. We measure rooms, suggest furniture and decor, box up personal and other items and move these things for you. We then stage your new home and the remaining items can then be moved into our shop or your storage facility leaving the former home ready to be listed or leased.

We look forward to working with you.

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Can we help you?

Your parent has died or has gone into assisted living and you need to sell the house to settle the estate. We can keep you and your sister from fighting over the crocheted doilies. Plus, we can research and price items accordingly so that you don’t sell a $1000 item for $10!

You’re getting married and consolidating households. Do you really need two sets of sterling flatware?

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Shop Sale:

Sometimes there are good reasons not to have a sale in your home, such as location, lack of parking, quick home sale, subdivision restrictions, or not enough items to sell. We can facilitate your move or estate liquidation. We specialize in downsizing situations and also work with storage facilities.

For a fee, we offer a packing team complete with boxes and wrapping paper to carefully pack up your treasures. Items should be clean and in good condition.

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